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Friday, 2 March 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Writer in Residence

So after a sequence of events that I can only describe as 'a sequence of events', I have been appointed Writer in Residence at this year's WhaleFest. Working for the nice people at Planet Whale and WhaleFest I will be curating a whole series of posts, on-line and in-print publications, interviews, musings and writing reflecting the deeper themes of WhaleFest, our relationship with the sea and the things in it.

The 2011 WhaleFest featured contributions and appearances from artists, writers and filmakers such as Philip Hoare, Mark Carwardine, David Rothenberg, Mark Brownlow and more. 2012 will prove to be even bigger and better and will be held at a place and time reflecting the historic moratorium on global whaling signed in 1982. My official WhaleFest blog will launch soon. In the meantime keep up with the plans for WhaleFest at the Planet Whale website

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